Advantages of joining the alliance

Brand advantage: Exclusive positioning, with an attitude towards the health burden of consumers, only makes healthy and good milk tea.
Opening guidance for partners: the company will provide standard operating manuals, and special personnel will be present to teach and guide practical operations, guide the atmosphere, open up the market, and attract popularity.
Product advantages: independent research and development, continuous innovation, unique taste.
Marketing advantages: resource sharing, unified publicity; all media and advertising resources of the brand can be extended to create the most unique brand culture
Service advantages: considerate service, good management, all customers entering the store should be welcomed.
Store decoration: In order to unify the brand image, we will provide store space design for affiliated merchants free of charge.
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Joining process:

1 - Communication consultation
2 - Submit application
3 - Invitation to study
4 - Facade review
5 - Sign cooperation
6 - Design and decoration
7 - Training/opening
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