Our drinks are made with fresh seasonal fruit, fresh milk and premium tea. To guarantee the freshness of the fruits, they are delivered daily in our two salons. We use very high quality teas imported from China including longjing tea from Terre de Chine, from an exceptional terroir of the district of Panan, in the province of Zhejiang, at 1,300 meters above sea level (a completely natural production on original tea plants) to guarantee the authenticity of the taste.

We use the best raw materials to offer consumers impeccable pastries in quality such as Bourgeois Moulin flour -red label- Charentes-Poitou butter AOP, Philadelphia cream or soymilk Sojasun without sugar. Above all, the company wants to give priority to the quality of its ingredients in order to offer better products to its consumers.
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Our pastry chef, from the Paul Bocuse school, has a real know-how in French pastry. Combined with her original Chinese culture, this allowed her to create authentic products of Franco-Asian fusion. Our drinks are also designed by our expert tea team to create unique combinations in flavor.
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The drinks are worked by our team to combine the best fruits to offer our customers unique and authentic drinks in taste. Their name is reflected and given with a poetic touch that reflects the appearance or characteristics of the fruit components of the drink. Thus, you can find in “Délicatesse” the sweetness of the white peach and the fragility of the texture of the dragon fruit, thus giving a dewy drink, symbol of sweetness. On the bakery side, we combine the best ingredients and recipes to offer you products born from the Franco-Asian fusion.

Our flagship product, «Les baguettes fourrées», comes from this desire to produce a pastry combining both the traditional side of French breads and the lightness of Chinese textures, with the touch of greed that accompanies it.
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At yithé, fidelity is a fundamental value. To thank each customer for their loyalty, we offer them the 11th drink purchased thanks to a membership card with a stamp for each drink purchased.
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